The SLARC Team

David Horner M0TEG - Club Tutor/Chairman

David, currently the longest serving member of the club, has held various committee positions in his long serving membership. He has now settled into the role of club tutor guiding new and un licenced members through our training programmes and helping them get on the air.

Steve Harrison 2E0FDF - Secretary

Steve Harrison recently took on the role of secretary. As an active member of the club he is our digital guru and a whizz with the latest communication methods. Steve is currently exploring all aspects of Wires-X.

Cyril Pendlebury 2E0FCJ - Treasurer

On retirement Cyril wanted to pick up his lapsed electrical and electronic studies again (life got in the way) and felt that getting involved in amateur radio was an interesting route to take.

Rina Horner 2E0RIN - Exam Secretary

As a form of recuperation following a recent illness Rina started studying for her amateur licence and took to it like a duck to water. She started helping out at the club and has now settled into the role of exam secretary.

Graeme Robertson 2E0YGR - Social Media Admin

With a history of radio broadcasting it seemed only logical for Graeme to study for his licence and set up his own amateur station working the world from his shack.

Steve Christie 2E0XEM - Co-Tutor and E-learning co-ordinator

Steve has worked 22+ years at the BBC and as a college lecturer. He is very clued up within the HAM radio hobby, his electronics knowledge is second to none and is very good in putting this knowledge into practice. He's been with us for a few years now and quickly moved up the ranks from Foundation Level to Intermediate.

Carl Woodall M7CWN - Website Maintenance

Carl is the new kid on the block, with over 20 years experience in using commercial radio as a Security Officer he wanted to see how its really done and joined us. His expertise with Information Technology meant we could not pass him up and give him some real training.

Mike Lunt G8ALD (Silent Key) - Gone but not forgotten

Since retiring Mike returned to Amateur Radio after a short forty year break! Over seas posting and raising children took over for a spell. "It's bit like herding cats keeping this lot in order, but quite honestly, they're a good bunch really".

UPDATE: Mike sadly passed away in 2021 and as a mark of respect we will leave his bio on the team list as we all as a club thought very highly of him and respected him for the kind and gentle man he was. 73 Mike RIP.


Membership is still open giving you an opportunity to become an amateur radio operator or SWL (Short Wave Listener) and explore this fascinating hobby. So put down that phone, switch off that television and take a new satisfying and enjoyable direction

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